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Tax returns and income from people who want to become US citizens are requested by the immigration office, but IRS Form 1722 is supposed to be required in doing so. In fact, there is no such form, and since it has not been updated, this disinformation stands out in online IRS searches, and there are several options for declaration and information that are correct:

  • Go to the IRS Site and quickly create an IRS account online instead of IRS Form 1722.
  • To obtain more accurate and detailed information on the subject by calling the IRS customer service phone number.
  • You can request the printouts to be mailed to your home from the IRS site or official number to download or receive in writing documents showing your tax history and income.

It’s helpful to know your tax return and have all the information ready before contacting as you may be asked questions about your credit history. In addition, your ID and social security number, if any, will allow you to access information quickly. Even if immigration or the IRS doesn’t want your IRS Form 1722 Transcript, you can file a formal application with these documents proving that you don’t need it.

IRS Form 1722 PDF

The main data you need are transcripts of your taxes for previous years. Therefore, instead of requesting IRS Form 1722, you can request them from the IRS site. Also, if you still need IRS Form 1722 PDF, you can download the form for free here.

Today, the immigration office and the IRS are used for many requests, such as US visas and residence permits. Because taxpayers who are considering immigrating to the country or people with foreign passports search for IRS Form 1722 Citizenship applications. However, this form is not accurate, and do not pay anyone who asks you for money on this matter, because the IRS does not charge you to obtain your tax history.

IRS Form 1722 Citizenship

The credit reporting agency and the IRS may request your tax return information and income information upon your request to settle in the USA. So, to be prepared for such questions:

  • You can contact the IRS site, by phone, or by mail to claim your payments for tax years.
  • Immigration and the IRS will give you more detailed and accurate information about this, and IRS Form 1722 is no longer available.

Since you will need a certified transcript, you should find other forms to request it from the IRS.


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